Our Heritage

Hartmann & Keppler needs little introduction, as it has been a household name in exquisite furniture, furnishings and accessories since doyen Heinz Hartmann brought his inherited knowledge and experience from Europe to South Africa 80 years ago.

The factory was founded in 1935 in Doornfontein, South Africa. It is in these original premises that the skills in the production of fine, hand crafted furniture continue to be practiced – where knowledgeable discussion on the selection of timber imported from all over the world precedes the quiet concentration of craftsmen carving intricate detailed motifs and insignia, culminating in a choice of finishes and polishing to enhance the timber grain.

Hartmann & Keppler also offers a turnkey service from inception to ‘white gloved’ delivery. Particular items are also outsourced if considered necessary to ensure the client’s dream setting becomes a reality. The final positioning of every piece translates into an experience of luxurious living.

The exceptional combination of family ownership and pride offers our fast paced present the unrivaled quality of the past; the result is an exciting combination of expertise, fashion and understated elegance. An enviable inheritance indeed!

The Third Generation

At the helm of this family owned company are brothers Reinhard and Robert Hartmann. The combination unites generations nurtured in the creation of exquisite furniture and passion for the finer things in life.

Reinhard Hartmann

Reinhard studied Furniture Business Management and Design Consulting in Germany from 1982 to 1985.

On his return, he worked with his father from 1990 until he and Robert took over the Company in 1996. Reiner’s background and experience has enabled him to manage the factory from input on design to orchestrating the manufacturing of each product.

Travelling abroad to select beautiful lighting and ornaments has maintained the continuity of in-house elegance.

Reiner works closely with top decorators and procurement companies enabling H&K to be the preferred choice of pinnacle corporate companies to many 5 star hotels around the world.

Our Vision

Evolve to create an all encompassing enterprise that explores all possibilities.

Our Mission

To share a legacy of heritage through fine craftsmanship, superior quality and design.